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You are,Just the other day, Yahoo! Made an interesting content.

Among them,

1989 “IP address allocation started in Japan”
1993 “HTML 1.0 announced”

From the era just called the dawn period,

2017 “Apple, iPhoneX announcement”
2017 “Bit coin exceeded 5000 dollars”

Up to the latest events such as, I am mimicking the various topics that occurred in the Internet world so far in the form of a tower.

I have been to the Internet for more than 15 years, and since I am doing business there, “I miss it” “I wish I had such a thing” I forgot to forget the time.

“Magical i Land” or nostalgic so much tears come out …

Apart from that. There were many awareness when I was looking at this. I would like to share it this time.

1. Time lag between Japan and abroad

There used to be such a saying in the business world.

“What has become popular in the United States popular in Japan after five years!”

Certainly, looking back at this content, you can see that it was as advertised in the Web community as well.

Many web services were launched in the leading industrialized countries including the United States and started in Japan a few years later, which was the mainstream in the past.

However, looking at recent trends, it seems that the sayings are already past.

Now the time lag is very short, and on the contrary, launching in a worldwide deployment suddenly not imagined! There is also a service starting to do.

What this shows is that “the speed of web business is accelerating!”

In other words, your business must also be accelerated accordingly.

For that, the most important thing is to acquire quality learning earlier than anyone else.

This will be very important in the coming era.

2. The rice growth and death as in the Warring States Period

Among the topics listed here are many names of Web development services (Web business) that were popular at the time.

However, it is surprising that most of them are not present anymore, or whether their existence has declined so much that they are forgotten.

Especially when you make an explosive epidemic, you will notice that you will fade out early.

‘Ustream’ …

Rather than being popular it is obsolete? Can not be lost unless it goes fashion? So far as I thought, I can see many such examples.

That will also apply to this age now.

In other words, what is currently in fashion is not safe! I realize that.

For now, facebook and LINE. Those who have the essentials of earnings here seem to be safe, in fact it may be based on a very unstable foundation. (Especially facebook has bad news continued and there is uneasy air …)

It is exactly two services that are not exaggeration to say that it is taking the heaven right now, but “Because it is in fashion, the end may be close”.

It is the fact that it has been repeated in the past.

I said something amazing, but in fact, that time is still ahead. However, that kind of attitude is important.

I think that I also warn you.

3. If super objective vision was able to be done

When you look at this, it makes me feel like God. I can see it in a bird’s-eye view, and I know the destination ahead.

“Oh, this service will decline from here”

“This site, that’s getting popular in the wake of it”

It seems like you got the power of a clairvoyance somehow and it will be fun.

Because it is looking at the world from outside through this content.

At the time I was a man in the middle, it is a scenery that I can never see.

But, if you were able to always keep that perspective.

If you could objectively look at the world, yourself.

“This service is now in fashion, but the destination seems to be short”

“I am earning myself now, but this style will not last long”

If you could have such super objectivity, your business will be able to succeed very easily.

It is as if you can guide yourself to success as if you were going to play RPG games as if you were in a strategy book.

Originally, human beings are not good at objecting themselves.

However, many top-notch successful people have very good objective vision.

This “super objective vision” is the mind set that I care always.

I will introduce it on occasion of another.


This content is excellent teaching material with many learnings surely besides what I noticed. Please also take a closer look at when you have time.

This week is over.


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