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Self GOX

Let’s get language freedom! It is
international linguist Teru Mizue.After reading the article on the net after the incident of coin check, when it was transferring data to the hardware wallet, it seemed to be a self GOX. Sorry! I met Japanese called.

What is Self GOX? Although I thought, I was surprised by myself who knew the meaning.

Back in 2014, there was a case that the bit coin at the exchange named Mount Gocks had disappeared. I got the word “Mount GOX” abbreviated, GOX, I added SELF meaning myself there, and I found out that I made the word self-GOX (to lose the encryption currency by my own fault) .

What surprised me more than anything, even if it is a wholly coined word, we understand it somehow. And by coined words, impact is born.

People who understand Brangelina are quite English.

This is a coined word when Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie were honeymoon before divorcing.

People understand it.

Points are understood to those who understand

Here is the meaning of the privilege class of the word.

People who do not know the world of cryptographic currency will not come with pins even if they are called self GOX and people who do not know the Hollywood movie circle will not come with pins even if they say Brangelina.

Skillful psychological manipulation is incorporated into the word.

People will try using it when it becomes clear that you do not know at all. Also, those who have refused responses in their heads, I will never use such words by myself! While thinking, because the image is intense, the word will remain in the head, although not in use.

Famous for being representative of psychological manipulation of words

There is a law that judgment is made by [Words are shortened] as to whether or not the words are penetrating in the world.

Personal computers are personal computers

Kimura Takuya took Kim Tak

Convenience stores are convenience stores

Like long words are used, they are in a declining fashion.

I also abbreviated it as a mentatsu, a book called a master of interview, and made it popular.

By merely abbreviating it, you can also make your own self-made video marketing performances that are used by a lot of people and get citizenship.

Air conditioner, sexual harassment, melod

Looking at this way, overwhelmingly, the Japanese language is four beats and we are going to omit it.

When it reached Meruad, it became shorter and became Mead.

The sense of rhythm in such abbreviation is also a word sensation installed without knowing in us.

We have unknowingly unknowing power, ability to combine words, we have a function that the parrot can not possess as a language ability.

Even if a parrot teaches the word “melado” to say the word “melado”, then, if you ask that you try to make this word shorter, you can not follow that order.

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

And although we paraphrase similar sentences, parrots can not do such a thing.

We have a terrible power [analogy]. It is an analogy in English.

In the case of a coin check leakage incident, we analogize Mount Gox and make a new word self-GOX from there.

And although I have never heard of it, the meaning can be inferred.

I found a new product called Meltzuna.

Tuna on the bread, mayonnaise on it, and baked in the oven was called Meltsuna.

Somehow, the feeling that tuna is melting deliciously is transmitted.

Only the ones in the dictionary are words. We can create more and more words, let ‘s send out your own words and give impact to the world.

For those who are trying to establish a corporation, the coined word method is an important ability, and it is necessary to convey the company’s philosophy with a short word.

If you turn your consciousness into a coined word and pick up your everyday words, your hilarious expression should be more clear.

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